grasp it is under active development!

We are working hard to release grasp it as soon as possible and make it the go to tool for teaching in sience and engineering.

If you are interested in our product, please get in touch!

Our initial pilot grasp it pack will include:

  • One fully functional grasp it kit suited to the teaching of structural mechanics in tertiary education

  • A digital editor for creating, sharing and delivering your own digitally augmented content.

  • 10 licenses for the standalone digital player

  • grasp it membership and service relationship

  • Spare physical parts

  • Discounted prices for the launch of the production series product

create and curate your own content using our grasp it editor

written and verbal approvals

“it’s amazing, I literally couldn’t stop smiling!”

Dr Rhys Morgan, Director Education, Royal Academy of Engineering

“it is an exciting concept”

Dr Alan Finkel AO, Australia’s Chief Scientist

“I love [it ], and you clearly have a fabulous concept!”

Prof. Tim Ibell FREng, FICE, FHEA, University of Bath

“I cannot stop thinking about your invention. I will invest. I am sold”

investor, identity withheld

“[grasp it are] working on one of the most amazing projects, that I think could be a killer product that is useful for any of the education programs

Prof Anita Kocsis, Director Design Factory Melbourne

“Game changer”

Prof. Allan McRobie, Prof. Structural Eng., University of Cambridge

“What you have produced is amazing, it makes my wooden models look anarchic”

Dr Mark Evernden, University of Bath

“Pure gold”

Dr Nikolaos Nikitas, Assoc. Prof in Structural Dynamics and Engineering, Leeds University

“I was absolutely WOWedby your video.The simple physical elements ... work fantastically well on their own, but the VR overlay is the icing on the cake"

Paul Shepherd, Senior Lecturer, University of Bath

“I love what you have put together in the [grasp it] project!!"

Robyn Bull,Director– Wonder of Science

“[grasp it] is amazing. What a fabulous product. Makes me want to study engineering”

Christine Thong, Academic Director Design Factory Melbourne

"There should be a kit in every science department at every school"

Good Design Awards Jury

“Wooooow!!! That is amazing!!”  &   “I wish I had this at school!”

prospective students captured on video, Swinburne Open Day

“I feel as though this tool is a great hands on learning experience. A lot of people find it hard to visualise the questions or material they are trying to learn and with this you are able to get a better understanding on how forces work on beams.”

Lily Prowse-McKeown, 3rdyear engineering student